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  Welcome to the German newsreel archives,

Here you can do research amongst the newsreel films free of charge. Created as part of a pilot project in 2002, the website has by now been replaced with the Federal Archive's digital film library ("Digitale Filmothek des Bundesarchivs", www.filmothek.bundesarchiv.de). The film library presents films about World War I as well as post-1945 newsreels from West Germany, allowing you to research, view, and order films and film clips.

If you are interested in ordering newsreel clips from the former German Democratic Republic (DDR) or the pre-1945 era, please contact the Federal Archives (filmarchiv@bundesarchiv.de). Ordering such newsreels online is currently not possible.

As the portal is no longer updated, it is not possible to register a new account. Existing logins can still be used.

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